10 Home-Based Career Ideas for Social Butterflies

by Susan


I don’t know about you, but I LOVE working from home, but I am also a social butterfly and like to have some people interaction throughout the day.

I don’t think I’m alone.

Working at home can be lonely. I start to get eye-twitches after a few hours of just me and the computer. If you feel the same way and are looking for home-based career ideas that allow you to be the social butterfly that you are, then read on.

Here are 10 ideas to get your extroverted creative juices flowing.

1. Recruiterstart a business from home

If you have any experience in human resources or recruiting, then being a contract recruiter from home could be a great fit for you. Recruiting talent for companies is a great, in-demand service that will fit you well if you love to talk to people on the phone or through email. After all, that is a good chunk of the job. 

It also requires the ability to interact professionally with businesses who are looking for help recruiting new employees. You’ll most likely spend a lot of your time searching LinkedIn and reaching out to people, so a friendly personality and a drive to succeed will definitely help you.

Specializing in a particular area is a great way to niche and command higher rates. For example, being a technical recruiter for start-ups looking for highly specialized employees like software and hardware engineers, is a great niche. You could focus on accounting and finance, executive-level recruiting, or the healthcare industry, to name a few.

If you don’t have any experience with recruiting, but know a recruiter, reach out to them and ask if you can help them by sourcing to learn the ropes.  Sourcing is he process of finding qualified resumes and candidates. It can be an entry point for you if you are interested in learning recruiting, but don’t have the experience under your belt.

2. Lash Extension Artist

Okay, stay with me on this one. In 2018 I got my esthetician license and lash extension certification. Before this new Work from home ideasadventure, I had no clue what lash extensions even were!

But turns out, it’s quite an obsession for many women of all ages who want beautiful lashes without spending 30 minutes putting on mascara every morning.

I know several lash artists who make a full-time living doing nothing but – lash extensions!

In Colorado you have to be a licensed esthetician to be a lash artist, but that’s not the case in every state. You do need to be lash extension certified and properly trained. Afterall, you are putting glue very close to people’s eyeballs, so you want to know what you are doing.

So this flexible job does require an investment of time and money to learn the craft. But once you know it, you can set up shop in your home and work around your schedule. It also provides a lot of social interaction with your clients (unless they like to take lash naps!).

And GOOD lash artists can do very, very well!

3. Coaching

Love the idea of being a coach and helping people with something specific? The coaching industry is full of opportunity, especially now with online training and certifications easily accessible.

The coaching industry is broad so you’ll want to niche your coaching practice into a specific area of focus.

But if you like talking to people (which I’m guessing you do if you are reading this post), then finding a way to help people through coaching is a great way to build a meaningful home-based career while nurturing those social skills.

There are a lot of different types of coaches. Here are a few examples:

  • Life coach
  • Career coach
  • Business coach (bookkeeper coach, pharmacist coach, blog coach, dentist coach, etc)
  • Nutritional coach
  • Sports coach 
  • Executive/Leadership coach

I think niching is so key for any service provider, especially for coaches. For example, Samantha Hartley at Enlightened Marketing, coaches female consultants how to make more money in their business. She has a very specific focus.

Do you need a license to be a coach? Not for many coaching niches. There are coaching certifications you can get, such as a life coaching certification or a career coaching certification, but it’s not always going to be a requirement depending on the type of coach you are.

For example, if you have built a successful blog, then you can go out and coach others how do it too. Or if you have run your own successful bookkeeping business, you can coach others how to do that without further certification. But if you want to be a nutritional coach or a life coach, training and certification might be a good way to go (and may be necessary).

If you are interested in coaching, but not sure what to coach people on, write down a list of your experiences and what you love to help people with. Chances are, you can create a niche coaching business by simply looking at your own experiences and seeing if there are people who would pay you for your help.

4. Consulting

It’s a great time to be an independent consultant with all the technology we have today. More and more businesses are looking to hire consultants in our current economy.  Consultants can offer a ton of value to businesses, without being a full-time salaried employee. 

A consulting career is also super low-cost to get started. You may need some business cards and a cell phone and that’s about it. You don’t need any special licensing or certifications to be a consultant in most cases.

It’s a great career if you like variety and dealing with different people. That’s why I started my freelance bookkeeping business. I got tired of the 9-to-5 routine and wanted a more dynamic career where I could switch gears often.

According to consultancy.com, most consultants fall into these six core buckets:

  1. Strategy Consultant
  2. Operations Consultant
  3. Management Consultant
  4. Financial Advisory Consultant
  5. Human Resource Consultant
  6. IT consultant

These are pretty broad terms that can be broken down into all kinds of niche consulting businesses. For example, I know have a friend that does consulting for spas and salons (something I’m thinking of doing myself on the finance side). Her business might fall under the Operations Consultant category.

You might have experience in e-commerce or working in a non-profit, or doing books for a chiropractor. Experience in any niche or industry, could set up you for a consultant business. If you have a skill and knowledge and there is a demand for that skill or knowledge, then you have a potential home-based business on your hands.  

5. Real Estate Agent

Ever thought about selling real estate? I think many people have because there is the whole flexible schedule/be-your-own-boss factor, but there’s also potential to make amazing money as an agent. 

The biggest barrier to entry is that you need to be licensed. That’s not a big deal. I got my license in my twenties while working two other jobs. You can do it online and then take the test at a local testing facility. Cost and time commitment for getting licensed will vary by state, so do a little research if you are going down this road.

Once you are licensed, find a good agency or mentor that will take you under their wing and show you the ropes.  

If you want to literally work from home this may not be your best career choice since you will be out and about showing homes to prospective buyers and getting listings, but if you are looking for a career with flexibility and a social component, this could be a good fit. 

I don’t think you need to be (or want to be) “salesy” to be successful as a real estate agent. Just build good relationships. Remember, people buy from people they know, like and trust!

6. Sales

If we’re being real, there’s a sales component to just about everything listed in this post, because you have to get clients networking eventsand/or customers to make money and that requires a certain level of sales. But there are also “sales careers” and sales positions that require nothing but closing the deal.

If you are a good “closer”, in other words, you can get people to sign on the dotted line to buy something, then you would not only be great at #5 and #10, but also great in just about any sales role.

If you don’t have your own business, you could always start by doing sales for another company in a remote capacity.  Good sales people are often remote and can be hard to find!

7. Personal Trainer

Are you a fitness person that loves to help others hit their fitness goals? Then being a personal trainer would be a great home-based business idea. 

You’ll be interacting with people on a very personal level, so a love of people (and fitness) would be good qualities to have. 

This is also a low-cost business to start, so if you have the qualifications and appropriate licenses and insurance (check your state for any requirements) then you could be making money pretty quickly. And it’s something you can do on the side of a full-time job until you build up your clientele. 

8. Mortgage Broker

Like people and numbers? If so, then you are a rare bird like me.  Becoming a home-based mortgage broker might appeal to both your left and right brain. 

According to finance writer Kristine Tucker via realtor.com, a mortgage broker is “a contractor who analyzes mortgage loan products and counsels customers on loan availability, qualification requirements, interest rates, and terms.” 

Kind of makes me giddy with excitement. But no Susan, can’t start another career, you just can’t. I digress.

If you enjoy helping people and you are intrigued with the real estate industry, then a career as a mortgage broker could be amazing for you!

To become a broker, you need to be licensed. There are classes and a test to get your license. Check out the National Mortgage Licensure System to find out more about getting licensed.  You’ll also need to pass the SAFE Mortgage Loan Originator Test, which has a national piece and a state-specific portion.

When you start out your career as a mortgage broker, you may need to go work at a larger brokerage firm, but you may also be able to find remote contract jobs as well. Do some research before investing time and money in tests to be sure the work is something that would fit your work-at-home lifestyle.

9. Wedding Planner

If you have any experience or interest in event planning or coordination, then becoming a wedding planner could be a fun career choice for you.

Wedding planning (or any event planning for that matter) requires a serious amount of organization, a bit of assertiveness and an ability to deal with all types of personalities. In other words, you need to be able to get sh** done and meet deadlines. If you can handle that, are good with people, then this could be an interesting career choice.

If you have no experience as an event planner, try reaching out to independent planners or event planning companies in your area and see if you can assist them. Gaining hands-on experience is the best way to learn and eventually grow into your own boss.

10. Network Marketing/Direct Sales

Direct sales, also known as network marketing, is not for everyone, but for some, it’s insanely awesome. The key is you can’t be afraid to talk to people about your products, so being social will lend well to success in a direct sales business.

If you’re not sure what network marketing is, think Rodan + Fields, DoTerra, AdvoCare, Mary Kay, etc.

A friend of mine is a consultant (often the “title” for someone who has a networking marketing business), for a wine business. She goes into people’s homes who have offered to host a wine tasting party, and she serves wine and educates the guests on how wine is made. Talk about a fun job.

If you are naturally social and love to talk to people, then you could have serious success in networking marketing. You”ll want to make sure and pick a company/product that you truly believe in and use. Do lots of research!

I was a Rodan + Fields consultant for a short time a few years back. The products are awesome, but I found myself not wanting to do the work to be successful. You have to enjoy the process of getting clients and recruiting people onto your team, and I just didn’t.

Also, keep in mind that this type of career does takes time to develop. You may not make any significant money for months (or longer). Most network marketing opportunities also require an investment upfront to get products and marketing materials, so do your research.

Do any of these home-based business ideas sound appealing?

This is just a small sampling of ideas for home-based careers that appeal to the extroverted types like myself. Have any other ideas or experiences working in a social-friendly career? Share in the comments!

10 home-based career ideas for extroverts

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