5 Companies That Hire Remote Bookkeepers

by Susan

5 Companies That Hire Remote Bookkeepers

I’ve done a lot of searching for remote bookkeeper jobs (call it a weird hobby), and have worked as a remote accountant in several roles. As a freelance virtual bookkeeper, I like to keep an eye out for interesting bookkeeping opportunities.

It’s great to see a new slew of companies popping up that are offering remote accounting and fractional CFO services.

It means more opportunities to work from home and spend more time with your family.

(If you would love to become a bookkeeper, but need to learn the skills, then check out the free video series at bookkeepers.com).

As someone who has worked as a remote bookkeeper and searched for these types of work-from-home jobs, I can see that there is an increasing number of companies hiring for remote bookkeeper jobs.

The truth is, it’s not that easy to find good bookkeepers. If you have the necessary skills PLUS a good work ethic and the discipline to get the job done without someone looking over your shoulder, then you are a needle in a haystack and you’ll be able to find a remote bookkeeping job.

Remote Bookkeeping Jobs Increasing

As cloud-computing and online accounting tools become more widely used, more and more businesses are saving money by outsourcing their accounting needs to companies that offer outsourced bookkeeping and CFO services.

That is good news if you have bookkeeping experience and are looking to work from home as a bookkeeper.

(If you would love to learn how to be a bookkeeper, check out the free video series at bookkeepers.com)

I’m seeing more and more remote bookkeeping jobs opening up as accounting companies are recognizing the need for good bookkeepers. Offering virtual bookkeeping work helps companies broaden their ability to find good talent, plus helps reduce overhead by having employees work from home instead of an expensive office.

What You Need to Be Employed As A Remote Bookkeeper

If you enjoy bookkeeping, have some experience, and would love to work from home but don’t want to get your own 7 ways to work from home with less stressclients, then finding a remote bookkeeping position with a good company is a great option!

Keep in mind that many companies will require you to have your own computer, most likely a PC (I have a Mac that is running Windows), and a dual monitor setup. You can get a second monitor for $100 at Walmart or Amazon.

You’ll also need good high-speed internet and a quiet place to work. You’ll most likely be on phone and video calls, so having some familiarity with tools like Slack, Zoom and Google Handouts will definitely help!

Ready to find a virtual bookkeeping job?

Here is a list of a few companies that are often hiring for remote bookkeeper jobs.

1. AccountingProse

AccountingProse is based out of Denver and Phoenix and cater to the Health and Wellness, Tech Startups and Professional Services industries.

They primarily use Xero and other cool online cloud tools like HubDoc and TaxJar.

I like how AccountingProse is progressive in nature and has a very “startup” feel. Even the questions on the job application are fun and quirky such as, “What do you nerd out on?” and “Who is your favorite fictional character?”.  Questions like tell me they are looking for a good cultural fit, not just someone who knows how to crunch numbers.

You can check out AccountingProse’s job openings here.

2. Stride Services

Stride Services is based out of San Francisco, but their entire team works remote and is spread across the United States. In full disclosure, I worked for Stride Services for awhile!

They cater their accounting and payroll services to fast-growing businesses across many different industries.

Stride is a decent company if you like set hours.  A predictable schedule during business hours is how Stride operates and can be a great thing, especially with kids in school. I was busy there and did have very structured work hours, but I was able to leave and pick up my son from school, or go outside for a walk during a break.

Stride uses QuickBooks Online and other cloud-based tools like Bill.com and Expensify.

You can check out Stride’s job openings on their website.

3. The AccountKeepers

The AccountKeepers is based in North Carolina, but they hire remote bookkeepers and accounting managers.

Their interviewing process involves a writing sample and two video interviews. I think this is a sign that they really want to hire skilled people that will stay and be a good cultural fit. That’s a good thing!

They also do a credit check, which I’m not a fan of. I don’t believe having less than great credit makes you a criminal, and that’s not really an employer’s business, but it’s not that uncommon given you are dealing with other people’s money.

If that doesn’t bother you, then check out The AccountKeepers job openings here.

4. Supporting Strategies

Supporting strategies is a national franchise that offers outsourced bookkeeping and controller support.

I see positions pop up for Supporting Strategies on Indeed quite frequently. Every franchise is probably run a little differently depending on the owner, but it’s worth checking out their opportunities. They typically hire remote part-time bookkeepers.

If you apply and are a good fit, you’ll be contacted to take a personality and bookkeeping test.

Click here to see if Supporting Strategies has an opening in your state.

5. AccountingDepartment.com

I don’t have any firsthand experience with this company, but they do always seem to be hiring for remote accounting jobs. They have 100 employees, so they must be doing something right.

They often have virtual accounting positions open, but they like to see 3+ years of full-charge bookkeeping experience and Quickbooks experience.

They do offer benefits which is nice!

Check out their openings here.

Other Resources for Finding a Remote Bookkeeping JobMaking Money - How to Set Up Your Bookkeeping

I think Indeed is a great place to find remote bookkeeping jobs and accounting jobs. In the location box on Indeed, use “virtual” or “remote”.

I’ve also found good opportunities on the following sites:

FlexJobs (That’s the site I used to find my job at Stride Services)
Craiglist.org (I have found many good jobs on here – not a ton of remote jobs, but you can find them occasionally and I like being able to search for local companies)
WeWorkRemotely (this site is very tech/startup focused, but you can occasionally find a good accounting role on here)

Good luck to you in your search! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

(If you would love to become a bookkeeper, but need to learn the skills, then check out the free video series at bookkeepers.com).

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