7 Flexible Work At Home Jobs for Moms

by Susan

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Let’s face it, not all “work-from-home” jobs are perfect for moms or people looking for a flexible schedule.

I’ve have a couple remote jobs that I ended up leaving because they didn’t offer the flexibility that I wanted. I was stuck at my desk from 9am to 5pm and some days barely had time to go my own kitchen and make myself lunch!

As a result, my home office started to feel like a prison instead of a place for creativity and inspiration.

Being tied to a schedule works great for some people. It’s predictable and you can plan around it.

But if you crave a flexible schedule so you can go to the gym, take your kids to play dates, or just work when you are at your peak mentally, then you have to look for a career that is outside the normal 9-to-5.

Below is a list of 7 flexible work at home jobs for moms – or anyone craving that oh-so-precious flex time.

I should disclaimer this by saying that the word “job” is a bit misleading.

Most of the jobs below aren’t really “jobs”, but more “opportunities”. Jobs typically involve having a boss, a set schedule, and a regular paycheck.

With a job, you typically sacrifice flexibility. If you are on a company’s payroll, you are expected to work a set number of hours, unless you work on commission.

The “jobs” below are ways you can make money by providing a certain type of service. In essence, you are working for yourself and offering your services on a contract basis. This is the best way to have the ultimate in flexibility while using your best skills!

1. Seamstress – Wunderkinco.com

I stumbled across Wunderkinco one day while surfing the web. They are a growing e-commerce business based in Denver that sells bows for little girls.

Super cute business, right? They hire women in the U.S. to sew all of their bows. They are always looking for experienced sewers who know what they are doing behind the sewing machine. They’ll even have you do a couple “test” bows to screen your skills.

But what a great job to have if you have kids at home! No dreaded conference calls or phone work. You can sew around your schedule and do something super creative.

Pay is based on a per piece model and equates to $15-$20 per hour or more depending on your speed and skill..

To learn more, click here!

2. Virtual Bookkeeper

7 ways to work from home with less stress

I write quite a bit about being a bookkeeper because I have been one for years and I know how great the work can be. 

I recently launched a website dedicated to teaching people the skill of bookkeeping. Check it out at The Bookkeeper’s Corner!

You have to do a bit of research and figure out what kind of bookkeeper you want to be. If you have bookkeeping skills and want to freelance, then you can use your connections to find clients – and set your own rates.

If you don’t want to hustle for clients, look on sites like Craigslist or Zip Recruiter to find potential remote bookkeeping jobs. Keep in mind you will most likely sacrifice a bit of flexibility if you are an employee as opposed to a freelancer.

There is also a company called Paro.io that pairs freelancer bookkeepers with clients. Could be a great resource for finding clients!

Every business needs accounting/bookkeeping help, so there are typically plenty of options, but it requires you to know what you are looking for and making you sure you don’t settle for less.

Check out TheBookkeepersCorner.com for more information on becoming a bookkeeper!

3. Dog Walker/Dog Sitter

Okay I’m cheating a little with this one since you have to actually leave your house to be a dog walker, but I think it is still a fun one to include since you aren’t stuck in some corporate office.

Dog walking jobs are quite abundant, at least here in Colorado. I’m sure big cities have plenty of dog walking jobs available too.

Many dog walking companies have several shift options, which is nice if you can only work, say, when your kids are at school.

This job is an ideal one to me because it gets you outside and exercising. Plus, your “co-workers” are dogs!

Are you going to make loads of money doing it? Nah, probably not. But if you are doing it as your own business, you could do pretty well.

Even as an employee, you may be able to bring in $500-$1500 a month, and that may just enough extra cash for your family.

If you love to the idea of being around animals, but want to make more money and have even more flexbility, sign up to be a dog sitter/walker through Rover. 

This lady did just that and is now making $40,000+ a year as a side hustle.

4. Niche Content Writer

Love to write? Have experience in a particular industry?

Writing content for specific industries is a great way to make money on your own schedule.

After I got my esthetician license in 2018, I pitched my writing services to a reputable skin care brand. I sent a cold email stating that I was an esthetician and a writer and would love to help them write content for their blog.

Within a day the owner of the skin care company called me! She said they had been pitched for writing services before, but never by a licensed esthetician. A week later, they hired me to write a couple articles for $500.

Obviously, you don’t have to be a licensed esthetician to do this. I’ve also written blog articles for bookkeeping companies because I have accounting experience.

Look at your experience and see how you could niche your writing services to a specific business or industry. Then, email them and tell them why you are the perfect person to write their content.

This isn’t a job that you get a regular paycheck from, it will require a bit of hustling to get clients, but it could be lucrative and extremely flexible.

If you don’t want to hustle for clients, you could always sign up for a content writing service such as CopywriterToday.net or SteadyContent.

I worked for Copywriter Today for a while as a writer and found it to be a great place to work, but you have to be a fast writer for the money to be worth it.

5. Loan Signing Agent

A loan signing agent is a also called a mobile notary. You have to be a notary in your state to do this job, but that shouldn’t stop you since becoming a notary is pretty easy. It is a little investment, but could be a wise one since this job can be quite lucrative.

As a loan signing agent, you are hired by loan signing services, or escrow companies, to go to loan closing appointments. At the loan closings, you simply walk the borrower/signer through the paperwork they are signing and notarize where appropriate.

This job pays anywhere from $50-$200 per loan signing appointment. I’m kind of cheating on this one because you aren’t doing the loan closings from home, but you can accept or decline any loan appointments that are offered to you, putting you in charge of your schedule.

Check out my entire post on becoming a loan signing agent if this interests you!

6. Proofreader

This flexible work at home job is perfect if you love details! It’s also great because you can work while the kiddos are napping or at school!

Being a proofreader can give you lots of opportunities to work for writers, bloggers, businesses and even court reporters.

I took Caitlin Pyle’s course Proofread Anywhere a couple of years ago and landed my first court reporter client within a couple weeks.

I could have easily landed more clients if I wanted to because I was getting inquiries from other court reporters, but I found that the work was a little bit too detail-oriented for me. But it may be perfect for you!

The beauty of proofreading is that you aren’t punching a time clock. There are no set hours as long as you get the work back to the client by their deadline.

Caitlin used to make $40,000 a year working 20 hours a week as a proofreader. Once you get good and fast at proofreading, you can make great money working from home!

Caitlin’s course was awesome too. She takes you from soup to nuts, showing you exactly how to become a proofreader for court reporters AND how to get clients! I love courses that are “business-in-a-box”, and this one definitely is!

7. Transcriptionist

Enjoy typing? If so, then transcription work could be a great flexible work-from-home option.

There are a number of different types of transcription jobs. Check out this article on 19 Transcription Clients That Need Your Services.

If you’ve never transcribed before, check out the transcription courses at Transcribe Anywhere. Janet at TA teaches a course on general transcription and legal transcription.

Having a specialty, such as medical, law enforcement or legal transcription, is probably a good way to go if you are going to get into transcribing work. You become more knowledgable in your field and can typically make more money.

If you prefer not to seek out clients for yourself, then check out the job postings on Indeed. You can search “Work From Home” or “Remote” for the location to find remote transcription jobs.

I did a search today on Indeed and found a posting for a medical transcriptionist through Kelly Services paying $16/hour. It’s not get rich money, but again, it could be extra cash in your family’s budget, while providing you the flexibility you want.

You could also get creative and reach out to your favorite podcasters to see if they need help with transcribing their audio interviews. This is one of my favorite ways to get clients!

You Can Have Flexibility

Flexibility in a career may seem like a pipe dream, but you really can find work that you love while keeping your schedule flexible for your family.

Yes, you may have to create that dream job yourself by offering a service and finding clients, but sometimes that is the best way!

If you have ideas for other flexible work at home jobs for moms, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!


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