7 Tips To Make Your Website Attractive To Potential Clients

by Susan

start a home-based freelance business

Are you starting a home-based freelance business or trying to grow an existing service-based business?

Creating a new website (or making an existing one better) can be really overwhelming, especially if you’ve never created one before.work at home, starting a virtual assistant business, virtual assistant software

When I decided to put up a website for my new virtual assistant business a few years ago, I thought I’d do a little research and see what other service providers had on their websites.

I have to admit, I wasn’t overly impressed with what I found. I looked at a lot of virtual assistant (VA) websites, and found that many seemed to miss the mark in terms of showcasing the benefits they provide to potential clients.

Instead they focused on giving a laundry list of their services in a less than appealing format.

Of course, there were some good ones too that had some common elements. I used these elements in my own website and had good feedback from my clients.

Here are the 7 elements I recommend to help make your service-business website appealing to potential customers.

1. Say what you do and who you do it for, in a clear, concise way

My tagline was simple, “Virtual Assistant Services for Busy Entrepreneurs”. It wasn’t clever or cute.  It was to the point.

I highly recommend this approach. If you offer services to a specific niche, such as writers or real estate agents or coaches, be sure and state that loud and clear on your homepage.

For example you could use, “Virtual assistant services for busy coaches” or “Social media management for busy real estate agents”. It doesn’t have to be exactly like mine was, but you get the idea.

2. State the benefits first and foremost

Try to stay away from getting too wordy about what you do on your homepage (or any page!). Focus on the benefits of working with you.

Instead of, “I offer social media and blogging services using top notch tools”, use something more benefit-focused such as, “My VA services can give you back hours in your day so you can focus on growing your business and making more money. Leave the social media posting and blogging to me!”

See the difference? Which one would appeal more to you if you were looking for a VA?

3. Have a clear call to action

We hear this all the time, but it’s an easy thing to overlook.

On your homepage, be sure and include a call to action for your potential client. It can be a “Contact Me” button or a “Click here to find out more” link…just something to lead them towards learning more about you and an easy way to contact you.

4. Have a FAQ page

This is of course optional for your site, but I recommend having a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. I find this type of page helpful for potential clients who may have questions that can be addressed right on your website.

If you are providing answers to common questions without a potential client having to reach out to you to ask them, then you’re already saving them time, which they will appreciate.

What should you include on a FAQ page? I used questions such as, “What type of entrepreneurs do I work with?”, “What is my payment policy”, “What are my rates?”, “How do I prefer to communciate?” (email, phone, etc.).

At the end of the FAQ page, I recommend another call to action such as, “Ready to schedule a free call to talk further about your needs? Great! Click here to email me. I will return your email within 24 hours.”

5. Include a picture of you

I believe having a picture of you on your website is a great way for your potential clients to feel like they know you before they even meet you. It doesn’t have to be a glamour shot, just a nice, professional-ish picture of you (smiling preferably :).

6. Testimonials

If you have done any work for anyone using your VA services, even if you did it as a favor for a friend, get a testimonial!

Testimonials are great social proof that you are good at what you do! Even if you have 2-3 that’s a great start. If you can get a picture of the person that is giving the testimonial, even better!

7. Keep it simple!

My VA website was simple, easy to read and easy to navigate. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked great for me and I had a lot good feedback on it. Don’t overthink it – just get the benefits and facts up and you’ll be ready to go!

Here’s a quick snapshot of my homepage. (This site isn’t up anymore – I took it down after I changed my business name and began to focus on other business ideas).

Homepage - how to become a virtual assistant

You can use WordPress and install a nice looking theme that is easy to customize, or go with Squarespace.

I used Squarespace for my spray tanning business and it’s fairly easy to throw together without having to know too much technical stuff.

Try not to get overwhelmed by the idea of putting up a website. Keep it simple and follow these tips to help showcase your business in the best light online!

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