8 Cool Companies That Hire Only Remote Employees

by Susan

8 Cool Companies That Hire Only Remote Employees

If you’re looking for a work at home job that will help further your career and give you a real salary with benefits, don’t despair.

When I first starting looking around for online job opportunities, it seemed like all I could find were call center type jobs or jobs doing surveys or other random things that didn’t require much skill and didn’t pay worth a darn.

That is not the case anymore. There are all types of quality, established companies hiring remote employees. It’s becoming more and more common to see remote jobs across all types of industries.

Below are a sampling of companies that hire remote employees and offer competitive pay and benefits. Many of them also offer free trips each year for company retreats. Bonus!

1. Zapier

Zapier is a service that provides the ability to connect various online apps and tools. Companies like Zapier are always hiring various engineer types, but you’ll also find other positions listed on their website from time to time.

Like many progressive startups, Zapier offers the ability to work from anywhere while providing stable pay, benefits and nice perks.

Check out Zapier job openings.

2. TaxJar

If you have any sales tax and/or accounting experience,or even if you don’t, check out TaxJar’s career page.

TaxJar helps online entrepreneurs handle their sales tax filings. Sales tax is not glamorous by any means (I know from experience!), but TaxJar has figured out how to provide a much needed back-office service to the many online business folks who probably aren’t handling sales tax properly.

TaxJar is another progressive startup with tons of great perks and a “work from anywhere” culture.

Check out TaxJar job openings here.

3. MeetEdgar

If you have any experience in the blogging or online world, you may have heard of MeetEdgar.

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool that many bloggers use to promote their content on their social media channels.

It was founded in 2014 by social media expert Laura Roeder. Today, MeetEdgar is a small, but growing group of remote, talented peeps. And they are always hiring for a position or two!

To check out MeetEdgar’s job openings, click here.

4. InVision App

InVision App is a nicely funded startup that provides a digital design platform for product design. In other words, they are one of those cool SaaS (software in the cloud) companies. The workforce at InVision App is all remote, so no need to feel bad about working in your pj’s.

InVision appears to be growing quickly and always seems to be hiring engineers, finance and accounting folks, marketing people and many other jobs.

Like many startups, they provide nice perks like fitness and equipment allowances, good insurance and travel budgets for employees to attend conferences.

To check out InVision App’s job openings, click here.

5. Automattic

Automattic is the powerhouse behind WordPress.com and a host of other tools that help power WordPress. This billion dollar company made the move to an all-remote workforce awhile back and is still thriving.

Automattic has their interview process down to a science. If you get through initial interviews, you work on a contract basis for two to six weeks to make sure it’s a good fit, which is always a great idea.

If you join the company after the contract period, you do customer support for Wordpress.com for three weeks. What better way to get to learn about the company and the issues customers face?

Automattic also has annual retreats that send employees to everywhere from Las Vegas to Budapest, along with other fabulous benefits and perks. Not too shabby!

To learn about Automattic job openings, click here.

6. Toptal

Toptal matches freelancers to people who are hiring freelancers. They solve the problem of finding good talent for companies, so it goes without saying they are probably pretty good at hiring their own top talent.

Toptal is another progressive company that hires 100% remote employees. No offices, no mandatory meeting, and apparently, no mandatory work hours. They also provide good benefits like insurance and equity.

They have a lot of different job openings listed on their website from sales to HR to accounting. Explore Toptal opportunities here.

7. Collage

Collage is a fun little tech company that offers customized products through their online store.

The Collage workforce is 100% remote and employees have the benefit of working flexible hours. After all, not everyone is at their best from 9-to-5. Gotta love companies that recognize that!

The job openings at Collage include engineering, marketing and product team roles. You can check out the Collage job openings here.

8. Articulate

Articulate is a platform that helps businesses create online courses. They are another company that claims “no corporate office, no corporate B.S.”. Yep, sounds good.

Articulate’s customers are larger businesses, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. They appear to have a solidly established platform and are thriving.

The job openings at Articulate often include accounting and sales and marketing positions and the standard engineering roles for an online platform. Check out their openings here.

Time to spiff up that resume!

Know of other cool companies with a remote workforce? Tell us about them below!

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