The Best Websites for Finding Remote Online Jobs

by Susan

After my son was born in 2008, I got the itch to work from home.

I was working at a video production company as a production manager at the time, which was a fun, but demanding role.  Working remote was not an option at the time.

I decided to look for opportunities that would allow me to work remote and spend more time with my new son. That’s when I landed my first side hustle – a bookkeeping client. It didn’t replace my day job, but it was my first step into the world of remote work.

I started to see what was possible.

Since then, I have had a lot of jobs, some in an office (or spray tan studio!), and some from home. Let’s just say, I’ve developed a knack for job searching.

Remote online jobs are popping up more and more, and so are the job search sites catering to those looking for work-from-home jobs. Below are the ones that I think are pretty good for finding a quality remote job.

We Work RemotelyFreelancing from home

We Work Remotely (WWR) is a website geared toward professionals looking for remote careers.

Many of the companies that post job openings on WWR are start-ups and fast-growing tech companies. The site is free to jobseekers. The companies that post their job ads pay a fee to post their open position.

If you are a marketing professional, finance guru or engineering type, then you should check out the job postings here. is another great site for finding quality work from home jobs in every category from virtual assistant and accounting to engineering and marketing.

I love that is free for job seekers and doesn’t require an email address to start searching for that new position. You can sign up for email alerts though which is nice if you’re busy and would prefer to be emailed job alerts.

The other cool thing about is they profile companies by interviewing them about their remote culture and what they look for in candidates.  If you have an interest in a company, this could really give you a leg up before interviewing with them.


FlexJobs is another job posting site that focuses on remote and flexible opportunities. I have used FlexJobs several times over the years to find remote opportunities.

Not all the jobs on FlexJobs are remote. This bothered me at first, but once you learn how to search the site you can find companies that hire remote workersgood opportunities. In fact, I got one of my remote bookkeeping jobs from FlexJobs.

When searching for a role on FlexJobs, I’ve found that you have to look at the jobs with “national” as the location or look for ones with no location listed. If there is a city or state after the job title, the company is looking for someone in that location.

Another search tip is to use the “Find Jobs by Location” feature. This will allow you to search by state. It doesn’t mean that it will be 100% remote, but by narrowing your search you may have a better chance of getting a job that offers some remote options if you are in the same location.

FlexJobs is not free. It does require you to create an account and pay a fee to get all the information for a job posting (you can scan jobs for free, but you won’t be able to see the company name). They recently moved to a weekly fee which is better than paying a monthly fee if you just want to check it out.

Don’t ever pay full price access to FlexJobs. Google FlexJobs coupons and use one before paying full price. I have never paid full price for access to FlexJobs.  You can pay for a week of access for about $5. You can cancel at any time, so it’s inexpensive and low risk to check it out.


Upwork wouldn’t normally be top of my list for remote online jobs but being a freelance bookkeeper recently has given me more insight to the platform.

If you are open to contract or freelance type work, then sign up for Upwork and start searching for opportunities in your area of expertise.

I have personally found three bookkeeping clients through Upwork.

It’s not always easy when you are first starting out on the platform because you don’t have the reviews or history, but I have had success finding clients that are in my state. Often, you’ll find gigs where the client wants someone local. This narrows the playing field a lot and will give you a better chance of getting the gig.

To send proposals for jobs, you have to spend “credits”. You have to buy the credits, but they are cheap. I spend about $1.50 to submit several proposals.

If you are looking for a full-time remote job, I wouldn’t suggest spending time on Upwork, but if you are open to freelance gigs, this could be a good place for you to find your first clients.

Working Nomads

Working Nomads is another site that is free and easy to hop on and check out job postings.

You can search without signing up and it’s free for job seekers. Working Nomads is very similar to in that it posts remote jobs across all the standard job categories such as marketing, finance, writing, administration, etc.

If you are looking for more information on the companies hiring, has an advantage with their company profiles.

Craigslist and Indeed

I realize Craigslist and Indeed are obvious, and not focused on remote jobs, but don’t discount them completely in your job search.

Both job sites are geared towards jobs that are not remote, but every now and then I come across interesting opportunities that offer remote or flexible options.

In fact, I dare to say that Craigslist is still one of my favorite places to find new job opportunities and bookkeeping clients.

It’s easy to search and the companies are local (assuming you are searching your area), which reduces the applicant pool, giving you a better chance of getting your application seen. It’s all about finding that needle in a haystack!

Which is best for YOU?

There are countless more job sites out there, and you could make your head swim trying to search them all, but the truth is most companies are posting the same jobs across many of these sites.

There are also a lot of “job” sites that just recycle postings from other sites. Don’t waste your time trying to search them all. You’ll see the same stuff!

Pick a few sites that post quality positions that interest you.

I hope this list has been helpful! If you know of a great remote job site that isn’t listed, but should be, please add it in the comments!

The Best Websites for finding remote online jobs


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